The Importance of Immune System

The Immune system is one of the most important systems in the human body. If compromised by even a little bit, it can cause a number of disorders and diseases. There are several infections, bacteria and diseases that can easily enter our body. On any day, our mouths are filled with enough bacteria to cause severe diseases. But our immune system, when , is strong enough to keep these invasive things from entering our body.

Because of the importance of our immune system, there are several things that we can do to help it. There are several Vitamins and supplements that we can take to enhance and strengthen our immune system. But to know more about the importance of your immune system, here are a few diseases and disorders you can get from a compromised immune system:

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Underactive Immune System: Underactive immune systems are systems that do are not active enough to protect our bodies from invading micro bodies such as diseases and bacteria. When this happens, it allows even the simplest of infections and bacteria to invade our system. Among the most known underactive immune system diseases and disorders include AIDS and SCID or severe combined immunodeficiency.

Overactive Immune System: An overactive immune system attacks elements of our bodies that are not dangerous. This can harm our body because an overactive immune system can also attack elements and parts of our body that we need such as blood cells or brain cells. Among the most known overactive immune system disorders include asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis. There are common ailments but they all start from an overactive immune system.

Other Immune System Disorders: Immune system disorders are more common than most people think. There are several disorders that range from a mild irritation to severe disorders. Among the many common disorders include skin allergies, hives and high fever. Although these disorders are considered common and different they are all attributed to having less than healthy immune systems.

The immune system is so important that once it is weakened, it can cause all sorts of problems for any number of other systems of the body. Like a domino effect, all other systems suddenly become vulnerable and if the immune system cannot stop the infection or invasion, each one of our organs can systematically shut down. So make sure you take care of your immune system and try to do all things that can help and enhance the protection of your body.

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